About us

Iam a Professional Henna Artist

My name is Farhana Sattar I am a professional henna artist and a business owner, currently based in Surrey Vancouver British Columbia Canada.
My company name is Maharani Mehendi we are creative company with a single goal- to create amazing work, we believe that passion.
Since I start my Henna artistry 9 years ago and Surrey Vancouver, I had developed a very successful business around Vancouver Henna industry.
I had developed the skills necessary to maintain a clean and organize business servicing busy and fast paced Henna industry. Ingenuity and flexibility has been the key to our continued success.
Currently residing Surrey BC I am frequently travelling to USA and other provinces in Canada and some time travel as far as Pakistan and Azerbaidzhan for bridal Henna as well as education and training.

As a skill Henna artist I ensures that my clients receive services and design that they desire with the result that exceptional.
With our strong sense for elegant design and more than 10 years of experience we help our client to reimagine designed for their special occasions.
Making a elegant design is what makes lightbox different, it is not just about our talent and design or the way we approach project, it is how we treat our clients and each other. when it is come to the business clients make all the different.


I am ending this two quotes by Mother Teresa. “ I am a little pencil in God’s hands he does the thinking.he does the writing.he does everything and sometimes it is very hard because it is a broken pencil and he had to sharpen it a little more” “ I am a little pencil in the hand of the writing God who is sending a love letter to the world” Thanks for interesting and trusting on our business

Farhana Sattar